Every year thousands of high school graduates pick Drexel University as the next step in their education. Freshman year is a very busy adjustment period when students must adapt to the new lifestyle. It is a time that includes a lot fun, but also a lot of stress. Choosing where to live your freshman year at Drexel University should not be one of the factors causes stress. That is why this blog was created. The purpose of this blog is to give incoming freshman honest ratings and feedback about the resident halls at Drexel University. It aims to provide incoming students with knowledge so that they can make educated decisions about where they want to live.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Resident Opinions

Kelly Hall

What makes Kelly Hall unique?

"Kelly is the only dorm with straight floors. You can look out your door and see straight down the hall to the other end of the dorm. There are no corners or turns. Also, it is located right on top of North Side Dining Terrace, so we only have to walk a couple of feet to get food."

What is your favorite part about Kelly Hall?

"Ms. B is the best thing about Kelly Hall. She is the funniest and most high-spirited person. Whenever she is on duty, she makes my night."

What is your least favorite part about Kelly Hall?

"I live on the first floor facing 34th Street so my view from the window is very bad. I have to look at the top of the air conditioner."
Christopher Baccash

Myers Hall

What makes Myers unique?

"It only has three floors and does not have any elevators. The fact that the hallways are coed and there are all of the learning communities makes Myers Hall unique."

What is your favorite thing about Myers?

"It's small and has a homey feel to it compared to other dorms. And I like how it has the middle courtyard."

What is your least favorite thing about Myers?

"There are no elevators that we can use."
Brandon Carns

Millennium Hall

What makes Millennium Hall?

"Millennium Hall is unique because of its layout, like the way the bathrooms are and because of the honors kids. Also, I feel its unique because I'm super close with every one on the floor and I feel like its like that for every one on my floor. Plus, everything is brand new and nice!"

What is your favorite thing about Millennium?

"My favorite thing would have to be the layout because it's so conducive for being social. I can hangout basically ANYWHERE, its awesome."

What is your least favorite thing about Millennium?

"I don't like how we cannot control our individual heating and AC. And also I hate how the elevators are broken all the time."
Madison Wambold

Calhoun Hall

What makes Calhoun unique?

"The building has the shape of an arch."

What is the best thing about Calhoun?

"The floors are coed and the living community."

What is the worst thing about Calhoun?

"The condition of the dorm."
Benjamin Banks

Race Hall

What makes Race unique?

"Race is unique because it's the only freshman dorm that lets you live in a suite-styling living space. It offers an interesting way to live that more resembles a small apartment space rather than a college dorm."

What is your favorite thing about Race?

"My favorite thing would have to be having a common room and kitchen. It's so chill being able to stay in your own room to hang out, watch TV, and eat without having to leave. It makes you and your roommates bond more easily I think."

What is your least favorite thing about Race?

"You don't really know many people on your floor besides your roommates. I know my roommates and I only really talk to people from the three suites closest to us, if that."
                                                                                                  Andrew Cavanagh

Towers Hall
What makes Towers unique?

"Towers is unique because its so tall, and you often get a really nice view from your room or the common rooms on the floor. It's a nice thing to wake up to sometimes."

What is your favorite thing about Towers?

"My favorite thing would have to be the size of the rooms. They're small compared to home obviously, but compared to the other dorms they're pretty roomy and cozy and have enough space for anything you'd really need."

What is your least favorite thing about Towers?

"Having to hear people complain about living in a room with three people. It's kind of a crappy situation but it's one of those things you have to deal with and people just don't want to."

                                                                                                                Jon Ehler

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Towers Hall

Arguably one of the most favored dorms for students at Drexel to live at for their freshman year is Towers Hall. Towers opened in 1978, making it one of the older residence halls on campus. It has 15 floors that can support 429 residents, making it one of the largest and most noticeable dorms on campus.


The individual rooms on each floor are noteworthy as being approximately 12’ x 17’, making them the largest individual rooms of any of the freshman residence halls on campus. This alone is what attracts many incoming freshmen to it. Each room is provided with a desk, desk chair, wardrobe, dresser and a bunkable extra-long twin bed for each of its two occupants. All of these can be moved to suit one’s personal space needs except for the dressers. Each room has self-regulating heat, which means that the residents can adjust the heat to what they feel is comfortable, a feature many other dorms lack.

Floor Setup

Each floor contains a single kitchen with lockers, a stove, an oven, refrigerator and freezer, a sink, and a seating area. There is also a centralized bathroom on each floor, containing multiple toilets and showers for residents to use. Going by the opinions of some anonymous people from Towers that I have talked to, the bathrooms are generally clean and allow for privacy when needed. Each floor also contains a large social lounge and a study lounge, where residents of that floor can get together and either socialize (watch movies, chat, etc.) or study for upcoming exams. The floors are not co-ed, males and females alternate every floor. This may or may not be a bad thing depending upon one’s individual outlook on it. Each floor also has a single RA, and from what I’ve heard their levels of strictness vary from floor to floor. The people living on the same floor but not in the same room may or may not socialize with each other, it seems to depend on which floor you go to.

Building Advantages

There are many overall benefits of living in Towers that don’t apply to just individual floors. There are 3 elevators in Towers, allowing for shorter waiting times when trying to get up to your floor or to the ground floor. The second floor also contains a large lounge area. It contains tables and chairs if you want to study, or games such as pool, ping pong, and foosball if you just want to socialize. The second floor also contains a central laundry area, where there are free-pay washers and dryers. From what I’ve heard traffic there gets really packed, so it’s best to go in the middle of the day when other people might have classes. The first floor also has a bike storage area, which is useful for incoming freshmen who plan on taking a bike with them to school to help them get around campus. The front desk staff has also proven to be very friendly.


The one major downside to living at towers has to be the sheer amount of incoming freshmen. This year, there were too many freshmen, and dorms were being filled to their fullest capacity. Drexel then decided that they would have to start converting some rooms in Towers to three-person rooms. This meant that another bed, wardrobe, dresser, desk, and chair would have to be crammed into a room designed for only three people. When each person brings their personal belongings to college, one can imagine how cramped it would get in the room. However, if you were to end up living with just a single other person, Towers Hall is all-around one of the nicest dorms you could pick from.